Adopted Tax Rates and Exemptions

Shackelford CAD appraises for portions of Lueders ISD & Clyde ISD located within Shackelford County. If your property is in these school districts you will receive appraisal notices with these entities on them, however your Shackelford County tax bill will not include these entities. You should receive a tax bill from the Lueders ISD (Jones County) and Clyde ISD (Callahan County) separate from ours.

Veterans who meet the highest threshold of qualifications will be exempt from paying any property taxes on their homesteads. To qualify for a full exemption, veterans must be classified by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) as being unemployable or having a 100 percent disability rating. Veterans must also have received 100 percent disability compensation from the VA. Veterans wishing to claim the exemption can begin the process by contacting their county appraisal districts. For more information please call 325-762-2207.